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Additional terms & conditions for the USFL league:

  1. By registering for participation in the USFL, I acknowledge that my child understands the rules and regulations of the USFL Pankration.
  2. I understand that participation in Pankration and all combative sports have a certain amount of risk of injury, serious injury or death.
  3. I acknowledge that my child is medically fit and covered under valid health insurance.
  4. In the event of an emergency, I herby authorize any licensed medical personal to perform any accepted medical procedure deemed necessary and I agree to bear the expense of such treatment.
  5. I understand and agree that my child may be photographed and/or filmed during USFL competitions.
  6. I further agree and understand that my child's image may be displayed on magazines, web sites, DVD's, Videos and all other sources of media without further notice or action.
  7. I affirm that all the information I provided is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  8. If contacted by an event promoter I will promptly respond, either accepting or rejecting the proposed match up and failure to respond in any manner will result in my removal from this database.


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